This is the content of the latest AUTHORS file:

This file contains the list of people involved in the development
of MRPT along its history. If you feel someone is missing, please
fork and pull-request.
MRPT development started at MAPIR lab, University of Malaga.
The following list is roughly sorted in reverse cronological order.
* Jose-Luis Blanco-Claraco. Main developer.
* Jesus Briales (University of Malaga, 2014-)
- Fixes in mrpt::hwdrivers::CImageGrabber_dc1394
- MRPT to Matlab (MEX) wrappers.
* Mariano Jaimez Tarifa, University of Malaga (2012-)
- Several improvements and bug fixes in the mrpt-reactivenav library.
- Development in octomap classes.
- Some improvements and bug fixes in the mrpt-opengl library.
- Visual Odometry based on depth images (mrpt::vision::CDifodo) and 2 applications to use it: DifOdometry-Camera and DifOdometry-Datasets
- Examples to manage an RGB-D camera with openNI2
* Eduardo Fernandez Moral , University of Malaga (2013-2014), INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (2014-).
- OpenNI2 classes: COpenNI2Sensor,
- The new library: mrpt-pbmap
- Driver for Rovio mobile robot with webcam.
- Some other functions.
* Javier G. Monroy, University of Malaga (2013-).
- Driver for Rovio mobile robot with webcam.
- New algorithms in gas maps.
* Hunter (2016-)
- Add-ons to 2D range scan observations.
- Port towards C++11 for MRPT 2.0
- Code clean ups.
- Multiple bug fixes.
* Nikos Koukis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece (2016) -
- Support for executing graphSLAM in graphslam lib/ + Corresponding
graphslam-engine application
- Initial version of MRPT logging module - COutputLogger
* Chandra Mangipudi, University of Minnesota (2016) -
- The PnP module in mrpt::vision
* Nikolaus Demmel, Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH (2016)
- Additions to python bindings.
* Robert Schattschneider, University of Canterbury (2012)
- Patches for bug fixes, serialization of templates.
* Jurica Stanojkovic (IMGTEC, 2014)
- Testing and patches for MIPS* architectures.
* Randolph Voorhies, University of Southern California (2014)
- Fixes for OS X.
* Yuya Ochiai, (Aichi, Japan) (2014)
- Fixes for OS X.
* Kenzaburo Miyawaki (Osaka Institute of Technology, 2014)
- Refactoring of OpenNI2 classes in mrpt::hwdrivers
* Francisco-Angel Moreno-Dueñas (2010-).
- Maintainer of vision-related classes (mrpt::vision namespace in libmrpt-core).
- Visual odometry for stereo images.
- Work in CLandmarksMap for efficiency of visual SLAM.
- Many image-related functions.
- Many functions in mrpt::topography
- mrpt::hwdrivers::CCANBusReader and related classes
- mrpt::poses::CPose3DRotVec
- mrpt::hwdrivers::CDUO3DCamera for DUO3D cameras
* Emilio Sanjurjo Maroño, LIM, University of Coruña (2013)
- Fixed orientation of ENU axes for Geodetic coordinate conversions in mrpt::topography.
* Antonio J. Ortiz de Galisteo, University of Malaga (2007).
- Addition of many mathematical functions.
- More matrix operations.
- Quaternion support.
- Mono SLAM classes and the MonoSLAM demo (the first version).
- Some classes for hardware interfaces (Sonars, robotic head)
- Additions to the graphics renderer CMRPTCanvas.
- The first version of the ro-localization application.
* Pablo Moreno Olalla, University of Malaga.
- Tons of new code and optimizations in mrpt::math
- Work on laser scanner simulation in 3D scenes.
- Tons of geometry-related functions and lightweight geometry data types.
- Many new classes in mrpt::opengl
* José Raul Ruiz Sarmiento, University of Malaga.
- Maintainer of the library mrpt-detectors.
- Generic "detector classes" (CDetectableObject, CObjectDetection, ...).
- Work on PTU unit integration with Hokuyo laser scanner and 3D point clouds.
- Some classes: mrpt::hwdrivers::CPtuDperception, mrpt::utils::md5, and more.
- Website documentation.
* Emil Khatib, University of Malaga (2011-2012)
- A few new classes to handle WiFi-signal strength receivers and build
maps out of such observations: mrpt::slam::CObservationWirelessPower,
mrpt::hwdrivers::CWirelessPower and mrpt::slam::CWirelessPowerGridMap2D.
- Classes for RFID observations and sensors: mrpt::slam::CObservationRFID,
- Interface to PID sensor: mrpt::hwdrivers::CRaePID
* Vicente Arevalo Espejo, University of Malaga.
- The application camera-calib.
- Some classes: mrpt::opengl::CSetOfTexturedTriangles, etc..
- Some minor changes in: 3DSceneViewer and RawlogViewer applications.
- Some image-related functions.
* Adrien Barral - Robopec (France).
- Driver for SICK LMS100 via ethernet (mrpt::hwdrivers::CLMS100eth)
- Driver for Phidget interface boards (see mrpt::hwdrivers::CPhidgetInterfaceKitProximitySensors)
- Driver for KVH DSP-3000 Laser Gyro (see mrpt::hwdrivers::CGyroKVHDSP3000)
* Paul Newman, Mobile Robotics Group, University of Oxford.
- The Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm implemented in slam::CICP.
* M.A. Amiri Atashgah (MAAA), University of Sharif Technology, Tehran, Iran.
- Rewrite of a very old version of "mono-slam" to adapt it to MRPT 0.7.0.
* Philipp Robbel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
- New CRangeObservation for 3D point clouds.
- Many hacks and optimizations in different parts of MRPT.
* Cipriano Galindo Andrades. University of Malaga.
- New functionality in HMT maps.
- Website documentation.
* mrhemali
- SWIG wrappers (Python) for MRPT.
- Fixes to build without freeglut, some bug fixes, ...
* Cyril Gerber
- Support for Videre stereo camera class: mrpt::hwdrivers::CStereoGrabber_SVS
* Zoltan Gaal
- The RANSAC and genetic model fitter: mrpt::math::ModelSearch
- Different improvements and bug fixes.
* Jan Girlich, University of Hamburg.
- Added mrpt::hwdrivers::CIbeoLuxETH
*  Kasra Khosoussi (K.N.Toosi University, Iran)
- Patches to improve the JCBB data association implementation.
Several bug reports have been provided from MRPT users world-wide. We kindly thank all of
them for this valuable feedback, and they are usually mentioned in changelogs.