MRPT 1.2.0 is out!

Most important changes:

  • Public header files (.h) have undergone a serious refactoring to minimize unnecesary dependencies and reduce compile time and memory as much as possible. As a side effect, user code might need to add new #include<> lines. This change justifies the new minor version series 1.2.X.
  • MRPT now cleanly builds in clang and OSX.
  • Support for new camera drivers (OpenNI2, DUO3D).
  • Many bug fixes.

See the complete list of changes here:

As usual, visit the MRPT download page for the list of available packages. Ubuntu users should be interested in the PPA repositories.

Any (good or bad!) feedback will be welcome in the forums or as an issue report, since it’s fundamental to keep MRPT improving with each release.