This is the content of the latest AUTHORS file:

This file contains the list of people involved in the development
of MRPT along its history. If you feel someone is missing, please
fork and pull-request.

MRPT was born in 2004 at MAPIR lab in the University of Málaga and has been
under continuous development by many developers and contributors since then.

The following list is roughly sorted in reverse chronological order. See also
the GitHub contributors page (

* Jose-Luis Blanco-Claraco. Main developer.

* Hunter (2016-)
  - Tons of changes towards porting code to C++14 for MRPT 2.0
  - Add-ons to 2D range scan observations.
  - Code clean ups.
  - Multiple bug fixes.

* Nikos Koukis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece (2016-) -
  - Support for executing graphSLAM in graphslam lib/ + Corresponding
  	graphslam-engine application (GSoC 2016)
  - Initial version of MRPT logging module - COutputLogger
  - Introduction of the clang-format files, scripts, etc.

* Jesus Briales (University of Malaga, 2014-2018)
  - Fixes in mrpt::hwdrivers::CImageGrabber_dc1394
  - MRPT to Matlab (MEX) wrappers.

* Mariano Jaimez Tarifa, University of Malaga (2012-2018)
  - Several improvements and bug fixes in the mrpt-reactivenav library.
  - Development in octomap classes.
  - Some improvements and bug fixes in the mrpt-opengl library.
  - Visual Odometry based on depth images (mrpt::vision::CDifodo) and 2 applications to use it: DifOdometry-Camera and DifOdometry-Datasets
  - Examples to manage an RGB-D camera with openNI2

* Eduardo Fernandez Moral , University of Malaga (2013-2014), INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (2014-).
  - OpenNI2 classes: COpenNI2Sensor,
  - The new library: mrpt-pbmap
  - Driver for Rovio mobile robot with webcam.
  - Some other functions.

* Javier G. Monroy, University of Malaga (2013-).
  - Driver for Rovio mobile robot with webcam.
  - New algorithms in gas maps.

* Chandra Mangipudi, University of Minnesota (2016) -
  - The PnP module in mrpt::vision  (GSoC 2016)

* Nikolaus Demmel, Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH (2016)
  - Additions to python bindings.

* Robert Schattschneider, University of Canterbury (2012)
  - Patches for bug fixes, serialization of templates.

* Jurica Stanojkovic (IMGTEC, 2014)
  - Testing and patches for MIPS* architectures.

* Randolph Voorhies, University of Southern California (2014)
  - Fixes for OS X.

* Yuya Ochiai, (Aichi, Japan) (2014)
  - Fixes for OS X.

* Kenzaburo Miyawaki (Osaka Institute of Technology, 2014)
  - Refactoring of OpenNI2 classes in mrpt::hwdrivers

* Francisco-Angel Moreno-Dueñas (2010-).
  - Maintainer of vision-related classes (mrpt::vision namespace in libmrpt-core).
  - Visual odometry for stereo images.
  - Work in CLandmarksMap for efficiency of visual SLAM.
  - Many image-related functions.
  - Many functions in mrpt::topography
  - mrpt::hwdrivers::CCANBusReader and related classes
  - mrpt::poses::CPose3DRotVec
  - mrpt::hwdrivers::CDUO3DCamera for DUO3D cameras

* Emilio Sanjurjo Maroño, LIM, University of Coruña (2013)
  - Fixed orientation of ENU axes for Geodetic coordinate conversions in mrpt::topography.

* Antonio J. Ortiz de Galisteo, University of Malaga (2007).
  - Addition of many mathematical functions.
  - More matrix operations.
  - Quaternion support.
  - Mono SLAM classes and the MonoSLAM demo (the first version).
  - Some classes for hardware interfaces (Sonars, robotic head)
  - Additions to the graphics renderer CMRPTCanvas.
  - The first version of the ro-localization application.

* Pablo Moreno Olalla, University of Malaga.
  - Tons of new code and optimizations in mrpt::math
  - Work on laser scanner simulation in 3D scenes.
  - Tons of geometry-related functions and lightweight geometry data types.
  - Many new classes in mrpt::opengl

* José Raul Ruiz Sarmiento, University of Malaga.
  - Maintainer of the library mrpt-detectors.
  - Generic "detector classes" (CDetectableObject, CObjectDetection, ...).
  - Work on PTU unit integration with Hokuyo laser scanner and 3D point clouds.
  - Some classes: mrpt::hwdrivers::CPtuDperception, mrpt::utils::md5, and more.
  - Website documentation.

* Emil Khatib, University of Malaga (2011-2012)
  - A few new classes to handle WiFi-signal strength receivers and build
     maps out of such observations: mrpt::slam::CObservationWirelessPower,
     mrpt::hwdrivers::CWirelessPower and mrpt::slam::CWirelessPowerGridMap2D.
  - Classes for RFID observations and sensors: mrpt::slam::CObservationRFID,
  - Interface to PID sensor: mrpt::hwdrivers::CRaePID

* Vicente Arevalo Espejo, University of Malaga.
  - The application camera-calib.
  - Some classes: mrpt::opengl::CSetOfTexturedTriangles, etc..
  - Some minor changes in: 3DSceneViewer and RawlogViewer applications.
  - Some image-related functions.

* Adrien Barral - Robopec (France).
  - Driver for SICK LMS100 via ethernet (mrpt::hwdrivers::CLMS100eth)
  - Driver for Phidget interface boards (see mrpt::hwdrivers::CPhidgetInterfaceKitProximitySensors)
  - Driver for KVH DSP-3000 Laser Gyro (see mrpt::hwdrivers::CGyroKVHDSP3000)

* Paul Newman, Mobile Robotics Group, University of Oxford.
  - The Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm implemented in slam::CICP.

* M.A. Amiri Atashgah (MAAA), University of Sharif Technology, Tehran, Iran.
  - Rewrite of a very old version of "mono-slam" to adapt it to MRPT 0.7.0.

* Philipp Robbel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
  - New CRangeObservation for 3D point clouds.
  - Many hacks and optimizations in different parts of MRPT.

* Cipriano Galindo Andrades. University of Malaga.
  - New functionality in HMT maps.
  - Website documentation.

* mrhemali
  - SWIG wrappers (Python) for MRPT.
  - Fixes to build without freeglut, some bug fixes, ...

* Cyril Gerber
  - Support for Videre stereo camera class: mrpt::hwdrivers::CStereoGrabber_SVS

* Zoltan Gaal
  - The RANSAC and genetic model fitter: mrpt::math::ModelSearch
  - Different improvements and bug fixes.

* Jan Girlich, University of Hamburg.
  - Added mrpt::hwdrivers::CIbeoLuxETH

*  Kasra Khosoussi (K.N.Toosi University, Iran)
  - Patches to improve the JCBB data association implementation.

* Alisa Chukaeva (LisGein), Moscow Technological University (2017)
  - The application robot-map-gui.

* Raghavender Sahdev, York University, Canada (GSoC 2017)
  - The application benchmarking-image-features
  - added files in the mrpt/libs/vision (detectors: AKAZE, LSD line detectors; descriptors: LATCH, BLD)

* Aliben - (Github:
  - Driver for SICK TIM561/55x/56x via ethernet (mrpt::hwdrivers::CSICKTim561Eth)
  - A testing sample for SICK TIM55x/TIM56x series

* David Serret
  - Small changes in Velodyne drivers
* Edward Rosten
  - Part of his libCVD (Free BSD) has been used in libs/opengl/src/gltext.cpp

Several bug reports have been provided from MRPT users world-wide. We kindly thank all of
them for this valuable feedback, and they are usually mentioned in changelogs.