List of MRPT libraries

MRPT comprises a set of C++ libraries and a number of ready-to-use applications. This page describes the most interesting part for mobile robotics developers: the libraries.

Existing libraries

The large number of C++ templates and classes in MRPT makes it a good idea to split them into a set of libraries or “modules“, so users can choose to depend on a part of the MRPT only, reducing compile time and future dependence problems.

Below is a dependence graph of the currently existing libraries in MRPT. An arrow “A -> B” means “A depends on B”.
Clicking on any of the libraries will take you to the Doxygen documentation, where a short summary of the library goals can be found.

Libraries are further divided into one or more “modules”: see the full list of modules.

MRPT libraries (click takes you to the actual clickable image)

(*): Experimental libraries

How to write a new MRPT library

In order to allow anyone to submit its own library to MRPT, there are a (very few) rules that the CMake build system expects about the directory layout, etc. Read more here.