MRPT Git/SVN repository


MRPT official repository is hosted at GitHub:

Notice that the master branch is a development and unstable version, so please use a normal release unless you have a good reason. See the CHANGELOG to learn what new features will you find in SVN vs. the last stable release.

Do a Git clone:
Of course, you’ll need git installed in your system. In Windows, use Tortoise Git.
Checking out with Subversion:
In Windows, use Tortoise SVN.

Quick Git cheat sheet for Subversion users

Command description Subversion equivalent Git equivalent
Create a local copy of the remote repository svn co URL git clone URL
Update from remote server: svn up  git pull
Add / remove / rename files:  svn add FILES
svn rm FILES
svn mv FILE1 FILE2
 git add FILES
git rm FILES
git mv FILE1 FILE2
 Send changes to remote server: svn commit git commit -a
git push
 Revert changes in local working copy: svn revert FILE git checkout FILE

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