MRPT in GNU/Linux repositories


1. Ubuntu PPA repositories

MRPT is available in the official Ubuntu repositories, but if you need a more recent version, install MRPT from our PPA repositories, which are updated everyday.
Git branch: master (development, mrpt 2.0 branch) For modern CPUs (SSE3+, ARM v7, AMR v8)
Git branch: master (development, mrpt 2.0 branch) Older SEE/SSE2-only CPUs
Git branch: mrpt-1.5 series (maintenance branch) (SSE3+, ARM v7, AMR v8)

2. Official repositories

List of GNU/Linux distributions which currently allow installing MRPT directly from their normal software repositories. If your OS is not in the list, download the source code and follow the compiling instructions.

Check out the latest stable version of MRPT and that available on your OS repository, since it may be quite outdated and you would prefer to download and build from sources.


3. What’s next?

Now you are ready to both use MRPT programs and to create new programs using the MRPT libraries (if you installed the development package ”libmrpt-dev” or ”mrpt-devel”). For further instructions, follow to this tutorial.

  • Mehdi Tlili

    You could at least put a hint on the how to compile page that debs are already available…

    • jlblanco

      Good point… just done it +1

  • Tejus Gupta