Robotics file format standards in MRPT

MRPT defines a set of standard file formats with the intention of easing the exchange of robotic raw datasets, and also already built maps, between different programs and C++ classes.

1. Datasets

  • Typical extension(s): .rawlog
  • Description:MRPT defines a binary format for robotic datasets, or rawlogs, which can store the raw observations gathered by an arbitrary mix of sensors for its posterior processing. The format is described in detail in the Rawlog format page, among associated software tools and converters from CARMEN logs.

2. Graph SLAM maps

  • Typical extension(s): .graph, .graphbin
  • Description: MRPT adopted the text format for 2D and 3D graphs (edges & nodes) used by TORO (among others) .

3. “Simple maps”

  • Typical extension(s): .simplemap , .simplemap.gz
  • Description: Sometimes called “view-based maps” in the literature: a set of pairs of poses and their associated observations. Implemented in the type mrpt::maps::CSimpleMap. Files can be transparently saved/loaded with gzip-compression to save disk space.

4. Occupancy grid maps

5. Scenes in 3D

  • Typical extension(s): .3dscene
  • Description: Files are usually transparently saved/loaded with gzip-compression to save disk space.