Last stable release: 1.5.3   14/Aug/2017

(Release notes)

Source code

Source code of the entire MRPT project:



Binaries (precompiled) for Windows

Installers for source code, precompiled executables and Release & Debug (DLL) libraries for Windows 32/64bit, Visual Studio + wxWidgets 3.0.3 + ffmpeg-win32 + OpenCV 3.1 (all dependencies are included):

Compiler Download
Download.png Visual Studio 2015: 32bit | 64bit
Special hardware runtime dependencies (do not install these if not needed):



Binaries for GNU/Linux

MRPT is available in Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora as binary and development packages:

New Dec-2015:: Debian PPA packages now also available for armhf. Suitable for RaspBerry Pi2, etc.




Other links


Downloads (*)

mrpt-1.5.3-msvc14-x32.exe: 242 downloads
mrpt-1.5.3-msvc14-x64.exe: 750 downloads
mrpt-1.5.3.tar.gz: 306 downloads
mrpt-1.5.3.tar.gz.asc: 1 downloads 658 downloads
mrpt-1.5.0-msvc15-x32.exe: 112 downloads
mrpt-1.5.0-msvc15-x64.exe: 644 downloads
mrpt-1.4.0-msvc11-x32.exe: 1099 downloads
mrpt-1.4.0-msvc11-x64.exe: 1474 downloads
mrpt-1.4.0-msvc12-x32.exe: 1213 downloads
mrpt-1.4.0-msvc12-x64.exe: 3711 downloads
mrpt-1.3.2-msvc11-x32.exe: 709 downloads
mrpt-1.3.2-msvc11-x64.exe: 581 downloads
mrpt-1.3.2-msvc12-x32.exe: 468 downloads
mrpt-1.3.2-msvc12-x64.exe: 1384 downloads
mrpt-1.3.1-msvc11-x32.exe: 348 downloads
mrpt-1.3.1-msvc11-x64.exe: 365 downloads
mrpt-1.3.1-msvc12-x32.exe: 358 downloads
mrpt-1.3.1-msvc12-x64.exe: 602 downloads
mrpt-1.3.1.tar.gz: 0 downloads
mrpt-1.3.1.tar.gz.asc: 8 downloads 0 downloads
Total: 15033

Updated: Sun Oct 22 22:00:05 CDT 2017
(*) Only after July 2015 and for binary releases from GitHub. Previous stats: 76k+ downloads from SourceForge.