Application: DifOdometry-Camera

1. Description

This GUI application is designed to perform visual odometry with a handheld RGB-D camera. The method implemented is called “DIFODO” and it is based only on geometric data (range images).
A config file can be used to customize the most important parameters of the method (there is an embedded config file that is loaded by default). These parameters are:

* cam_mode -> Options: 640×480, 320×240, 160×120
* fps -> Choose between 30Hz or 60Hz
* rows and cols ->The resolution of the finest level of the pyramid (coarse-to-fine scheme).
* ctf_levels ->The number of pyramid levels (coarse-to-fine scheme).

2. Underlying classes

This application uses the following main classes from the MRPT C++ library:

Other dependencies (also embedded in the MRPT):
– OpenNI2
– Eigen

The source code for this application is in the directory “apps/DifOdometry-Camera” of the MRPT tree.

3. Command line options

Although this is mainly an interactive program with a GUI and doesn’t need any argument to be run, some useful functionalities can be called by means of command line arguments. By invoking DifOdometry-Camera –help you will obtain the list of accepted arguments: