Application: observations2map

This program takes a simplemap as input (e.g. from a SLAM app), and generates one or several metric maps from its observations and poses, dumping the map representations to individual files. A typical usage is to rebuild occupancy gridmaps of different resolutions after building a map with icp-slam or rbpf-slam.


For example:

About the program arguments:

  •  <config_file.ini>: A configuration file. Its minimum content must be a section with the description of a CMultiMetricMap: how many points maps, grid maps, etc. it should have and all their parameters. The default section name ([MappingApplication]) is such that configuration files for the applications  icp-slam or rbpf-slam can be used without changes. See examples of those config files in the icp-slam and rbpf-slam sample config file directories.
  • <observations.simplemap>: A file containing the serialization of a mrpt::maps::CSimpleMap object. Typically this files is obtained as result of a SLAM program, but it could be generated programatically as well.
  • <outputmap_prefix>: The prefix of all generated files. It will be used as argument to mrpt::maps::CMetricMap::saveMetricMapRepresentationToFile() in all generated metric maps.
  • INI_FILE_SECTION_NAME: The section name from where to read map parameters in the config file. See description of the config file above.