Application: simul-landmarks

Simul-landmarks_screenshot1. Overview

The program simulates range-bearing observations of a robot following a 2D or 3D(6D) path. Note that this simulator can be used for generating synthetic datasets for both 2D “classic” range-bearing SLAM as well as for 3D stereo slam-like SLAM problems. The location and number of landmarks are configurable via the input configuration file. Also, the robot path can be fixed or a kind of “random walk”. The random seed for both the path and the sensor noise can be set, so the generated datasets can be exactly reproduced by different researchers from the same configuration file. The generated rawlogs will contain observations of typemrpt::obs::CObservationBearingRange.

2. Usage

Some ready to use configuration files are shipped with MRPT. Take a look at:
You can try the program by doing: