Application: features-matching

1. Overview

The program features-matching is a small tool which takes a pair of images and detects features with one of a number of detectors, then associate each of them with a user chosen descriptor, and display graphically all the potential matches.
Included detectors and descriptors are all supported by the C++ class mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtractor. The following methods are implemented:

  • Detectors:
    • KLT
    • Harris
    • SIFT
    • SURF
    • FAST
  • Descriptors
    • SIFT
    • SURF
    • Intensity spin images
    • Polar coordinates image patch.

A plot with the “matching” between each feature in one image and all the features in the other image is shown.
The obvious intention of this program is to be a didactic demonstration, none in it is though for efficiency.

2. Usage

The program can be executed giving the path of the two images as arguments, but if it’s invoked without arguments two predefined (built-in) images will be used.