Sparser Relative Bundle Adjustment (SRBA)

NOTICE: Since MRPT 1.3.2 (Oct 2015), SRBA is an independent project outside of the MRPT source tree. See its GitHub repo and page.

1. Theory

Bundle adjustment is the name given to one solution to visual SLAM based on maximum-likelihood estimation (MLE) over the space of map features and camera poses. However, it is by no way limited to visual maps, since the same technique is also applicable to maps of pose constraints (graph-SLAM) or any other kind of feature maps not relying on visual information.

The framework of Relative Bundle Adjustment (RBA) was introduced in a series of works by G. Sibley and colleagues:

  • Sibley, G. Relative bundle adjustmentDepartment of Engineering Science, Oxford University, Tech. Rep, 2009. (PDF)
  • Sibley, G. and Mei, C. and Reid, I. and Newman, P. Adaptive relative bundle adjustmentRobotics Science and Systems Conference. 2009. (PDF)

Sparser RBA (SRBA) is the name of the generic and extensible framework for RBA implemented in this C++ library, and introduced in:

  • Blanco, J.L. and Gonzalez, J. and Fernandez-Madrigal, J.A. Sparser Relative Bundle Adjustment (SRBA): constant-time maintenance and local optimization of arbitrarily large maps, IEEE International Conference of Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2013. (PDF),  ICRA slides (PDF)

2. Documentation

Documentation is now at the GitHub repository for MRPT/srba.

3. Videos

SRBA test 1: Relative Graph SLAM demo

SRBA test 2: dataset_30k_1loop

SRBA test 3: linear trajectory with a stereo camera