Example: rgbd_dataset2rawlog

1. Description

This small utility converts the TUM RGB+D Kinect datasets into Rawlogs, loadable by MRPT programs. Some notes about the differences between Kinect datasets in Rawlog format and in the TUM originals:

  • In MRPT, a Kinect observation object (CObservation3DRangeScan) can store the three fields simultaneously: range image, RGB data and projected 3D point coordinates.
  • An observation is created only when both range & RGB data are available in the dataset with a difference in timestamp below half the kinect period (1/30 sec). That means that due to ocasional losses in the original datasets, the rate of observations is less than 30Hz.
  • Only one IMU entry is kept per RGB+Range pair. If you need high-rate accelerometer data, please download the TUM original data files.


2. Usage

3. Source code

See: https://github.com/MRPT/mrpt/tree/master/samples/rgbd_dataset2rawlog/


4. Visualization of the resulting data set

(View in YouTube)



5. Extra tools

The following script can be used to batch convert several datasets from the TUM collection (or any others in the future) that start as .tgz files. For the expected format, see the comments at the beginning of the example “test.cpp”.